• 3 day FCL 055 training course

    An intensive 3 day training course to best prepare you for your FCL examination: AirExam, Air English, DGAC or other. MAXIMUM 6 PARTICIPANTS

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    Experienced trainers

    ENAC trainers

    Andrew Maris, our main trainer, has been working with ENAC and the DGAC for over 15 years providing intensive training courses for EPLs, flight instructors and 'Pilote Inspecteurs' to prepare them for the FCL examinations.
    All exam formats can be prepared for: AirExam, Air English, DGAC.


    All other trainers involved on the course also have extensive experience of working with ENAC.

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    Course Content

    Varied Resources

    During the 3 day course, we will look at the following materials:

    Live traffic recordings

    Fictive Flight scenarios 'VFR and IFR' depending on your situation.
    Vocabulary building in an aviation context
    Picture Description exercises

    Short video extracts to discuss about and comment on.

    Review of grammatical structures required for level 4 and above

    Comparison of Level 4/5/6

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    Feedback received from a recent FCL preparation course:

    Thank you Andrew for these 3 days of preparation, perfect to refresh and review some items of vocabulary !
    (AirExam Level 5 achieved - ENAC flight instructor)

    In your training, we covered all the things that we need for the exam.
    (ENAC flight instructor) (AirExam Level 4 obtained)

    thank you Andrew, a nice week working on english. got a level 5. very happy about it and the week.
    (AirExam Level 5 achieved - ENAC flight instructor)

  • Course Costs

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    Financed using your CPF

    €450 (no TVA)


    This training can be financed using your CPF.


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    Financed personally

    €450 TTC

    Deposit of €150 required to reserve a place on the course

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    €150/3 nights

    Contact us for information about on-site accommodation.

    House-share with other trainees on the FCL course.